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Traditional Farming Practices

Panchratan is an exemplary farm that adapts ancient Vedic practices along with ultra-modern Hydroponic and Climate Control Technologies to naturally produce residue free Greens, Vegetables and Fruits. As the name Panchratan means combination of five precious gemstones, Panchratan Organic Farm is revitalised with the five basic elements of the universe – The Panchabhoota, where all the elements are balanced, the results are TRUE Blessing.

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Greens, Vegetables, Fruits and Milk




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Supply The Best Organic Products Since 1990

Panchratan Farm spread over 35 Acers, located in Shamsabad, outskirts of Hyderabad.  Panchratan is an exemplary farm that adapts both ancient Vedic practices to naturally produce residue-free fruits and vegetables, and uses ultra-modern Hydroponic and Climate control technology to produce the best of class fruits and vegetables.


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